The battery power trowel: the future of concrete troweling!

Are you in need of a power trowel? The most sustainable option is the battery power trowel. Let us show you what to expect from this emission-free battery power trowel.

Emission-free concrete troweling

The latest development: Clover®, a maintenance-free, emission-free concrete trowel. Concrete floors can now be troweled without emissions, thanks to the Clover® battery power trowel. Moreover, more comfort at the job because of the low sound levels.

Ergonomic controls

Controlling the battery power trowel is easy. The experience in controlling the battery trowel is similar to contemporary gas-powered machines. The ergonomic power lever gives you full authority over the RPM between 0% and 100%. After a short stop, you have instant power from the battery power trowel again without having to start an engine. Very convenient!

There is no need to care about confined spaces, nor any hearing protection is needed. All thanks to the battery power trowel! A long working time is guaranteed by the high capacity battery. This battery can be replaced easily by the other charged battery. No job is too hard anymore with this powerful battery power trowel!

  • accuvlinder, elektrische betonvlinder, elektrische vlindermachine, battery power trowel
  • accuvlinder, elektrische betonvlinder, elektrische vlindermachine, battery power trowel

Simply converted

The battery power trowel comes in two variants: the CC4830e and the CM4830e. They consist of the Clover® drive unit and an existing blades unit. The drive unit can be mounted on existing troweling machines. Even used troweling machines can simply be converted to a battery power trowel to save costs.

  • Low noise level

  • Maintenance-free

  • Environment friendly

  • Fireproof LiFePO4 battery

  • Ergonomic controls

  • Short charging time

  • Short battery exchange time

  • Real-time State Of Charge displayed

Extra options battery power trowel

By default, the battery power trowel drive unit is supplied with one battery (including standard charger). As an extra, an exchange battery (CB4825) is available. For fast charging, a separate rapid charging station is available: the Charge-point CP3548. We highly recommend this to enable you non-stop working.

Specifications battery power trowel

CC4830e CM4830e
Type Clover® Compact Clover® Motor
Mounting principle Reductor Motor flange
Matching battery CB4825
Battery technology Fireproof LiFePO4  
Power 3 kW / 4.1 HP
Cooling Air cooled
Weight (excl. battery)* 13.4 kg 17.3 kg
Battery weight 14.4 kg
Standard charger 5 A
Fast charger 35 A

* Only the drive unit weights are mentioned. Total weight depends on the blades unit.


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